Goodbye Copenhagen…

Just two weeks ago I was sitting at brunch with my friends in Copenhagen. We were realistic about the fact that due to COVID-19 our time in Copenhagen was most likely going to be cut short but we all thought we would at least have a week more of time. In between stuffing our faces with food, we took turns shouting out different places and things we wanted to see and do in Copenhagen before our time ran up. We were so excited to see more of Copenhagen because even though we had been there for two months there was still so much more to see. Little did we know later that night we would get an email from DIS ending our time in Copenhagen.

My last two days in Copenhagen were honestly a blur filled with packing, walking, eating and goodbyes. My friends and I stayed up late our last night stuffing our faces with food and drinking the most expensive champagne our local føtex had (as our grocery cards still had a lot of money on them and they would be no use to us back in the states). The following morning flew by as we had scheduled our cab to the airport to pick us up early and the cab came even EARLIER than scheduled. I barely had anytime to say take one last look at my apartment and say goodbye to my roommates as I had to essentially fly out of my apartment to make sure the driver didn’t get mad. By the time I had processed that I just left my apartment for the last time, I was already on the way to the airport en route to leaving Copenhagen.

I am going to miss every aspect of my life in Copenhagen. Even the most mundane actions seem so big and important in shaping my time in Copenhagen these past two months. I am going to miss taking the 2A to classes every morning. I am going to miss walking down Vestergade to DIS. I am going to miss brunch with friends at Wulff and Konstali and drinks and a board game at Bastard Café. I am going to miss getting ridiculously good chai lattes at Espresso House. I am going to miss doing work at the Living Room Cafe. I am going to miss walking along the canals and taking in its beauty while heading to the gym at Blox. Most of all, I am going to miss walking through my neighborhood of Christianshavn and feeling so incredibly awestruck and lucky I got to call this place my home. The list could go on and on…

A couple days before leaving for DIS in January, I remember sitting at home giddy with excitement after just receiving my housing assignment. I typed my address into google maps in order to see what my new home was going to look like and I remember my jaw dropping at how pretty my neighborhood was. I was so incredibly in awe about how in a couple of days I was going to call Copenhagen, Sankt Annæ Gade 9, and DIS my home.

While my time at DIS was cut short, it left such a lasting impression and mark on me. My two months in Copenhagen were unforgettable. I made incredible friends, immersed myself in Danish culture, and learned a lot in my DIS classes. While it is unfortunate I am ending my time here with “what ifs?”, I wouldn’t change my time in Copenhagen at all and I am so thankful I had as much time as I did.

Now back at home, I have had time to adjust to my new reality and prepare for online classes with DIS starting this coming Monday. I am also trying to make my family and I’s quarantine as hygge as possible and even brought back a game called “The Hygge Game” for us to try out. I also am in the process of convincing my family to let me make them a smørrebrød recipe my housing had during one of our hygge dinners. Who said you had to be in Denmark to embody hygge and Danish culture?

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